What do I envision for the future?

I can see a world where everyone can thrive!  The only thing lacking in this world is the consciousness that it is possible because so many billions of people have been conditioned to give away their powers since the fall of Atlantis.


Thrive is one of my top films for awakening the consciousness of this world.  The suppression of free energy goes hand in hand with the supression of ET technologies.

The ancient people from Lemuria and Atlantis used crystal technologies to harness free energy which meant everyone had abundance.  This technology was abused which resulted in the fall of these civilizations.


The Lemurians settled inside the crystal city called Telos inside Mt Shasta, CA.  It is also one of the major power vortexes on our planet.

Super foods create super humans

I am sponsored by the best health drink in the world called THRIVE MAX.  This formula activates DNA!329005_10151033822067544_1224688737_o

It is made of a super fruit called morinda citriforlia or noni which grows the best in Tahiti.


Visit and use my ID#2491850


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