My awakening story

May 17 2013.

Today began with inspiration especially watching a documentry about my life lastnight called Super Eigo. My whole life changed 3 years ago after

my spiritual awakening that took place on May 26th 2010. It was the full moon and I told my friends that we needed to be down by the scarborough

bluffs beach because something is going to happen that night. My intuition guided me to spend time alone by the water at 2am when suddenly the

skies began to rumble like a loud thunder. All the animals in the area became alert of the same sounds and birds covered the skies. I knew

right away that they too sensed what I was experiencing. Then above the lake from every corner of the skies appeared dark shadow beings that

started collecting into a huge black cloud. The first thought that entered my mind was that this is the Revelations chapter in the bible, this

same event happened during Atlantis, a month before on Hitler’s birthday the BP oil spill took place, and as a collective we unconsciously

attracted these forces to us. I began to pray surrounding myself with light sensing a presence of light warrior spirits standing behind me like

an army. Then this darkness descended and started moving towards me like a tsunami that appeared to be spirits of dark dragons and serpents that

covered the entire area. They began to move into the earth while the rumbling sound continued, so i yelled back at the top of my lungs “Bring it

on!!!” when suddenly telepathic messages told me that there was a reason why I saw this, I know whats happening and I am going to tell many

people about it, and that my mission is to be a light that lights 100,000 lights, many people will listen. I talked to my friends about it but

they didn’t see or hear anything but confirmed the animals acting unusual. I told them that what I saw was on other dimensions and will manifest

in ways science cannot explain. It was very important to be ready by raising their spiritual vibrations and creating a strong aura field. One

month after that happened a large earth quake happened from Quebec to Toronto, a G20 secret meeting and tornadoes. I spoke to many psychics

about it and they told me that there was a reason why i saw these events because I am a messenger. There will come a time when many people will

seek answers because they will question alot of things. This is what put me on the path to seek ancient knowledge to awaken humanity, create an

enlightened society and heal the world.

Later that year I saw the Dalai Lama in Toronto on the full moon of Oct 22nd 2010. There were giant light beings surrounding him having a

conversation with me that they are passing the torch to the new earth leaders for the golden age. That night I also met a psychic that revealed

many connections from my past lives as the 3rd Dalai Lama. The following year I met her again and purchased a crystal which started my

activation process. Everyday I meditated holding this crystal until decided to purchase over crystals in the spring of 2012. I began to realize

the difference in energetic vibration between each crystal especially after I purchased a large super sized quartz. I brought it with me to

meditation groups, movie sets and airports and discovered that the energy amplified around me and the crystal which affected many people. The

next time I met with this psychic and showed her my crystals she saw lasers beams around my hands. That night she guided me to direct the

energies around 10 people who sat in front of these crystals and heal them. We were performing psychic surgery! I wasn’t even touching these

people and was moving things inside of them too. Eventually I held the crystals like tools and started directing energy through it like a Jedi

light saber for healing. Imeditately after that I started thinking about how John of God a brazilian psychic medium healer who also does the

same things and also uses super crystals around him. The more I worked with crystals much ancient knowledge started coming to me and the

spiritual beings inside these crystals also assisted my work.

During the summer of 2012 I had began doing regular ceremonies at the scarborough bluffs beach. One night during a ceremony I was communicating

with a giant dark dragon that told me “I can crush you like that! Don’t forget that you are me and I am you!” but then I began to laugh and

reply “Why are you trying so hard? God is more powerful that you :)” and this dark dragon eventually left and slithered away. On July 17th 2012

I decided to go for a e-bike ride to the nearby forest when my intuition said that I needed to wear a helmet because today something is out to

get you. Then as I put on my helmet another message said that I should also put on my stunt pads too, but I ignored it and went off for a ride.

On the way back home I hit a small bump and my e-bike began to wobble, then an invisible force lifted me off and threw me on the ground where I

smacked my head and was sliding on my face losing all the skin on the left side of my body. I immeditately stood up angry yelling “arrrrrghhhhh”

knowing that I was spiritually attacked but began to calm down knowing that it was a sign to focus on healing myself fast so that I can inspire

others to do the same. After the crash my ears began to ring because I felt some kind of bleeding happening and inside my head. The next day I

I went back to bluffs beach at night and began praying and meditating by the water. Divine spiritual beings began implanting crystalized healing

energy into my head and when I began to sit in meditation a warm energy surrounded me as if an angel was wrapping its wings around me. This is

what began my speed healing process. I saw the same psychic a few days later with some great friends and she immeditately knew what happened and

saw that my wounds were energetically charged. My friends and I were just about to go back to their home in Quebec that night when we were given

guidance of what to expect in our journey regarding dark entities. When we arrived in Quebec we went to visit a crystal mine where I met a

shaman and explained to him what happened to me. Then he brings out these shamanic crystal healing wands that he kept for 20 years but decided

to sell them 3 days before I arrived. Imeditately after holding them I felt a surge of electricity healing my wounds, so I bought them with a

large smokey quartz crystal skull shaped like an ET. Shortly after acquiring these crystal wands I began performing exorcisms during ceremonies.

It felt like an extension of myself that amplified my powers but made dark entity extraction easier without draining my aura field. Every

excorcism I did increased my experience to defend against these forces using crystals.

My dreams became vivid as I worked with crystals. I started having repeat dreams with water and crystals as if I was diving under the ocean to

ancient atlantis to recover these lost crystals with great knowledge stored inside them. One day I decided to research the most powerful sacred

geometry crystal healing wands on the planet and discovered the 144 vogel phi wand at Mt Shasta on, so after I finished a

spiritual healing course named Trinity I booked my flight to go. I visited Mt Shasta on May 20th 2012 to experience the Pleiadian alignment

solar eclipse and wow did it ever upgrade my abilities. I also lost my favorite bead necklace while swimming at the spring but felt like

something wanted me to come back for it later. On Oct 2012 I arrived at Mt Shasta and visited and held the 144 vogel phi

crystal in my hands. The amount of energy I felt was enormous and I decided to put it down and meditate before purchasing it. Every night I had

dreams about this wand until the night before I bought it. I had a dream where I was holding this super crystal shooting healing laser beams at

millions of people, the earth and sky. It began to also open portals which allowed higher beings to enter and assist our world. This was too

obvious of a sign so the moment I bought this crystal magicial events started happening quick! A violet flame energy appeared around me

everywhere I went especially as I began driving up Mt Shasta. When I came down the mountain and visited many crystal shops the people were drawn

to my 144 vogel phi, so I began aiming it and healing them like in my dreams. Many people were shocked at the results especially since they

never experienced anything like that before. That evening I went out for dinner with a friend and started aiming the crystal at a glass of water

while laughing about our adventures that day. I drank the water and noticed that it became sweeter compared to before, so then i aimed the

crystal at his glass and transformed his drink. This was the beginning of my personal legend especially after looking back at a story I wrote

back when I was 13 regarding chosen ones acquiring special crystals to bring back ancient knowledge from Lemuria and Atlantis.

to be continued…


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