The Astrology Of Joe Eigo

Joe’s Sun and Mercury in Pisces shows that he has an incredible imagination. In traditional Astrology, it was agreed that Mercury was weak (detriment) in Pisces because Mercury rules Virgo, the opposite sign of Pisces. Mercury rules the mind and the linear and logical mental process, so having Mercury in Pisces can suggest the lack of logic. He also has Neptune square Mercury which reinforces this, but can also lead to delusional thinking as well.  However, this can also be a gift as one must realize that some of the most visionary psychic thinkers have had Mercury in Pisces such as Rudolf Steiner and Abraham Lincoln. Pisces is the most psychic sign and one that is the most connected to the spiritual realms. At its worst, a strong Piscean energy can make one delusional and suffer from escapism, so it really depends on how one works with it in their own alchemical process.

The Sun represents our ego and Joe’s Sun in the 11th house shows that his ego is best served and satisfied when he is amongst large groups of people (or on social media) and serving humanitarian causes. However, his North Node is in the opposite location in Leo in the 5th house (South Node in Aquarius/11th). This position suggests the need to shine as individual while still being a ‘team player’. There is a need to fulfill his own creative path without fear. His Aries ascendant and Aries Moon can help him in this way to assert himself warrior-like. His North Node is conjunct the Royal Star of Regulus. This is common for everyone born during his generation, however it happens to be exactly trine his ascendant which makes it part of his identity. The North Node shows us the direction that we need to move towards in this lifetime and the Ascendant shows us how we project ourselves. His mission statement: “…to awaken humanity, create an enlightened society, and heal the world” is a reflection of his Regulus North Node trine Aries ascendant. Regulus is the Royal Star which is found in Leaders and/or influential people. The Regulus individual needs to be careful to not be egotistical or vengeful, or they will never be the ‘king’ they have the potential to be, or they can easily fall from grace if they have already achieved their king-ly success. Especially when it is something the North Node which also requires being centered in the South Node. Joe’s South Node is in Aquarius and 11th house which is about team work , the collective, and serving humanity.

Another Royal Fixed Star dominant in Joe’s chart is Fomalhaut which is positioned close to his natal Sun. This star blesses one with the qualities of the other-wordly magician with mind-blowing talents. His Mars (Chart Ruler of Aries)  and Jupiter (Traditional Ruler of Pisces) are both positioned in the 5th house which demonstrate that these abilities are expressed in sports, athletics, creativity. The 5th house is also the house of children, so these placements can also suggest magical abilities in working with them and being of service (Virgo) to future generations. Also, his Midheaven (career) ruler is in the the 6th house which also expresses his orientation around health and healing, in a Piscean-Fomalhaut style.

Joe has Uranus in the 7th house of partnerships and friendships. Uranus is the most unconventional and futuristic planet and is the modern ruler of Aquarius. This shows that Joe will attract many New Age type relationships into his life. With in a trine Aspect to his Mercury (ruler of 2nd, 3rd, 6th) this shows that the people he meets (friends, lovers, etc)  on his path will help him in the way he thinks, what he values, and in his healing abilities. The challenge of his Uranus is that it is making a square aspect to his Sun. These relationships may challenge his ego but may be necessary to help him to develop in the way he needs to.

Pisceans generally are sensitive to other people’s needs and as a healer this helps him to heal others appropriately. Pisces is the most etheric sign, so healing on the etheric level  is most ideal for Joe in his mission as a healer.