Joe Eigo egyptian numerology

Your Soul Urge Number is 1: You are egotistical and forward looking.  You aresuited as a good spiritual counselor.Your Soul Path Number is: 11.  This is a master number, which puts you on a higherspiritual plane than the single digits.  The first master number, the 11, must work todevelop intuition, to tune into psychic forces not available to those with lower numbers,living in the way revealed to him, spreading his ILLUMINATION for others to absorb andbenefit.  This number is as difficult as it is rewarding!Often, particularly at an early age, the individual is aware of his special powers, yet unableto synthesize them for his own use or for the good of his fellow man.  He is often arelatively impractical idealist, far more a dreamer than a doer.  There is an undercurrentof nervous tension always present from the high power sources to which the individual is attuned. He has to learn to live with his special powers, to set himself aside from the world ofmaterial accumulation in order to better understand the powerful forces which canreveal a higher guidance.Your Egyption Main Karmic Lesson Number is 6.   This refers to the main Karmic lesson youare working on in this life.  You, #6, are humanitarian, giving service to others and the world;responsible, understanding, sympathetic, dutiful.  Love, charity, truth, justice, harmony,beauty and companionship describe this 6.  You artistic and in tune with nature.  You givea helping hand when needed and are generous for the good of others.  You will succeed inall occupations connected with homes, institutions and community or educationalactivities.  you care for the young and old alike and are very community-minded.Guard against the negative: pride, insensitivity, jealousy, overbearing, interference.What the Soul has been attempting to heal for many lifetimes Number is 8.  This numbershows our secretive side and the nature of our soul, all about us.  It definitely wants tosucceed in this life.#8: You need to be in a position of authority and recognition.  You desire achievement andaccomplishment in a big way.  You would be most successful when involved with thelarger material issues of life.  Keep your breadth of outlook and admit no limitations.Your pathway will not be an easy one, and your success will come through knowledge,financial effort and determination.  If you learn to work for personal satisfaction andnot monetary rewards, you will receive rich rewards.  You need to gather great strengthof character and mastery over self.  You would waste your energies searching for wealth.Mental growth comes through investigation and study of religions, the mystical andphilosophy.  Can get stuck in your intellect.  8′s are champions of denial, ie. will notsee or accept what’s in front of them.  You have a need to be perfect, right and tendto be defensive.  A lot of champions are 8′s and need to be the best!You need to calm down because your nervous system suffers otherwise. eg. MS candevelop, if not careful and calm.8′s are old souls, they never feel ready.  8′s have the gift of gab, they are very good andrelentless.  8′s can be persuasive liars and can manipulate the spoken word and cantwist things…Needing to be liked by everyone can cause you to step out of integrity.8 is the number of gurus.  8′s take themselves very seriously and awfulize, eg. grey hair,aches or pains can result from this.8′s need philosophic study.8′s often deplete their body by over-exercising.  8′s often use sexuality to attract people,then they’re upset when they’re wanted sexually.  They rebel against authority.Guard against preoccupation with physical appearance, sexual prowess and intellectualknowledge.  Guard also against destructiveness with the spoken word.  Guard againstgetting stuck in the intellect, materialism, pushiness.


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