About Joe Eigo

Who am I?


I am an enlightened warrior Vortex ascended master from the 14th dimension.

My biography

My dream as a child was to jump really high. I prayed to God asking for this ability and the rest I would figure out on my own. I grew up watching action movies and imitating the movements from video games. At 9 years of age I began training gymnastics which helped bring out much of my hidden abilities. Throughout high school I taught gymnastics part time which also gave me a creative platform to try new moves. After high school I traveled a lot and was inspired by the movie business. When I arrived back I went to college for a short time to learn about travel and tourism. Shortly after 911 happened and I dropped out of school to follow my dreams in the film industry. I started doing background work to network and share my unique style I call Multi Level Moves. I created demo videos of my art form and shared them online which later became viral across the globe. Some people renamed my video “The Matrix For Real” and at that time I didn’t realize the effect of my passion.

Eventually I made the right connections and started doing stunt work which was one of my goals. I had the opportunity to work with many great stars like Jackie Chan and experience how they made films. The movie industry is lots of fun but something felt missing so eventually I found satisfaction exploring the super natural by visiting psychics and mediums. At first I was against these types of readings because of my beliefs but something deep within me wanted to hear something I never heard before. I wanted to expand my awareness of my true mission and what I was put back on this planet to do.

My spiritual awakening happened several years ago as I became attuned to reiki which is a form of spiritual healing.  Many psychics and spiritual masters suggested that I practice meditation but I didn’t see the value until I took the reiki course.  Shortly after I was given advice from a my psychic teacher that I would start seeing spirits.  She taught me that I needed to learn how to protect myself because most of them are not good and would try to work through me because I am a medium.  It was on May 26th 2010 during the night of the full moon where my 3rd eye opened and I started to re-remember myself and true mission in this world.

My training


As a youth I trained martial arts and gymnastics which gave me a creative platform to express myself.  I prayed to God to give me super human jumping abilities and the rest I will figure out on my own.

This is a viral video I created in 2002 called “The Matrix For Real -Joe Eigo”.  This later led to my career in the movies as a professional stunt performer.

(Super human)

I was also featured on the history channel for being a super human.


My childhood dream

Intuitively I knew what my mission was from a very early age.  I always had this vision of being a super human that saves the world with special crystal technologies from various ETs.

My pisces imagination is very healthy especially growing up around comics, video games and movies.  I created a story as a child knowing that it would manifest in my adult years.  The power of thoughts, feelings and obsession attracted the super natural lifestyle I am passionate about.


I believe in the game of life we must not run out of health or the game is over. There are many power ups that can help us get to the next level like super foods, crystals, meditation practice, energy training, personal empowerment, psychics, various forms of divination and astrology.

I was born Feb 19th 1980 at 9:28am in Toronto.  Studying astrology has helped me know myself better.  I embrace my soul powers to the max!  I also have the royal star of kings Regulus which is the sign of a spiritual leader.


Reading by Wes Annac

Dearest Joe, we are your Ascended Masters and Guides. Your awakening has occured in a vast short amount of time compared to what we were expecting, as you had much negative karma from past Lives holding you back that you have seemed to transmute with ease! You have far exceeded our expectations Joe and we are so proud to see your Light body coming online for all in the Heavenly Realms to see and enjoy. Indeed you are a Lightwarrior dear Joe, and your spirit has not been broken or even injured despite the difficulties you have experienced before. Your warrior spirit is strong dear soul!!

You are correct in your mission to awaken fellow souls of the Light, and your mere presence upon Earth is anchoring vast amounts of Love and Light to Mother Earth. We have placed with you advanced souls who are your spiritual guides, and you know them as animals that are your companions in this Life. They are watching out for you and watching over you, and they Love you so very dearly. They intend every day to show you the Love they feel for you, and they are delighted that you are picking up on that Love.

You are very close to our scribe, so much so that you two actually share similar mental channels. Our scribe has remarked that you have done and said many things that were in direct correlation with guidance he has received and information he has learned, and this is because you and him, along with many other souls from the same soul group, are sharing the plethora of mental activity that you know as mind. Mind is split up into many different localized sections of your collective consciousness, and due to you sharing the same lineage with our scribe you both pick up on many of the same thoughts.

Dearest Joe, among us, your Ascended Masters and spiritual guides, include many of the same Pleiadian and Sirian souls that guide our scribe. You have a very strong connection to the Pleiades star system. You came from a planet in that very star system to Earth during the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. You traveled back and forth between the two colonies, but Lemuria was your main place of Living during the end of that cycle. You were given the option to move into the Inner Earth along with the Lemurians toward the end of the cycle, but instead you chose to offer your Divine services to those of Atlantis who were entering very low dimensional cycles.This role required you to enter these lower vibrations yourself, and since you are such an advanced and sensitive soul these vibrations hit you like a ton of bricks so to speak. For the longest time you were caught up in much lower vibrational activity, which included a few Reptilian Lives on Earth though most of them you were unaware of your genetics. A few of them you were (aware). Also, we wish to mention that even before your Lives in the Pleiades, you originally came from Sirius B. We are so proud to see that you have overcome the lower vibrations and the oustanding karma you had to sludge through in this Life and you are the Divine soul we are communicating with today!!

We understand you wish to know a few of your gudies by name. Among us are SanJAsKa, SaLuSa, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, and Solara. There are of course many more of us here with you, the number goes up into the millions, and suffice to say we could be here naming ourselves all day long. For the main few that we have mentioned, we wish to begin personal contact with you more than we already have. Dearest Joe, we ask you to pick up on our presence fully, feel our thoughts in your mental channels and know that we are with you at all times. You are doing so very well, and again you have far exceeded our expectations of you in taking on and dealing with the karma that you have in this Life. We are always with you dear soul, and we Love you so very much.

Thank you to Joe’s Ascended Masters and Guides, whom are also many of my guides. Much Love, Wes Annac


17 Responses to About Joe Eigo

  1. itspurepositive says:

    beautiful Joe 🙂

  2. Naveed Mian says:

    Very wise words. You are absolutely right! I want to wake up. I want to unplug. You are an inspiration, my friend.

  3. Meto says:

    Great Master Joe ! 🙂

  4. Ian says:

    Hello Joe,
    Your concept of oneness and the strength to believe are important teachings. Your lifes mission is inspiring.
    Consider featuring LITHIA Water as one of your super foods. It comes from the ancient ruins of a lost stone temple at Lithia Springs Ga.

  5. Ja-Len Jones says:

    Hi Joe~! You remind me of Bruce Lee! Are you trained in Gymkata? VEry awEsomE~!!!

  6. lilium789 says:

    Very Wise!!!thank you Joe.

  7. rlmstudio says:

    Joe, good one. I am compiling fairy tales and easy to understand messages to share with my poor wife when she finally is faced with being shaken out of her bed of deep sleep. I feel I can get my 12 yr old daughter to understand more easily since she has had so much less time to be brainwashed, but it is tales like this that we need to amass into some kind of a booklet called AWAKENING 101..

  8. Robert lee moeeis says:

    My reply above makes no sense…I just reread it, and I am sure I got confused and am responding to someone.s story about a jar being filled with golf balls. Being a metaphor for the most important things in life… To respond to this video of you being a super human, ninja on steroids, impossible movements by a normal human being…all I could think was how this perfect body control and fitness must be a clue to what being ascended is like. My my Joe..you are mindbogglingly good!

  9. lesleehare says:

    Wonderful, Joe! I think I have a hunch which Crew members you’ll be working with! ;D

  10. Elizabeth vargas says:

    I’m interested in learning about this more.

  11. William.Kidd says:

    In your video “Joe Eigo Plays With Energy”, @ 43 seconds, I have see the clip before but I never noticed the ripples you created in the water until watching it this time. WOW!

  12. richgerochi says:

    I will follow you towards your goals Joe. Keep on going. Tito Jun

  13. dylansdojo says:

    JOE! Iv been promoting your video on my spiritual training blog and i had no idea you had a new blog ha. My name is Dylan. I have been training in yoga and spiritual energy work for 8 years and am currently reaching the precipice of my training. My journey to full kundalini activation has been intense and incredible painful haha. I would be honored to speak with you about how to break through the final barriers when unlocking the root chakra. I have, for the most part, trained my body to function at optimal levels while simply running off of coconut water and noni juice but there still seems to be some kind of blockage in my energy body that is keeping me from becoming one with the earth and fully unlocking my body. Check out my website man and let me know what you think. My website is DylansDojo.com

  14. angelicview says:

    You are an amazing person, Joe. I’m glad to be sharing the planet with you 🙂

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