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Queen, NAZI, war, Chris EverardWARS always target the POOR. The super wealthy are never adversely affected by any war. In fact, the stock market rallies on bullion and crude oil whenever a war is imminent. British author CHRIS EVERARD claims that the super-wealthy elite have engineered World Wars, as part of a global master plan – he has made several documentaries on the subject which are being broacast this month on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL

YOU WILL NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT IS ON THE TV NEWS until you understand that the Third World War has already begun. This new war is not a war of Nation vs. Nation. It is the Super-wealthy vs. the super-poor. Their goal is to have a medieval-style economy made from just Princes and Paupers. The war has begun – here are the main battlefields;

PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE: A propaganda war using the mainstream media as a tool to convince you that poverty…

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