Bringing Rain To California | Joe Eigo

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My mission is to awaken humanity, create an enlightened society and heal the world. Aim for Ascension!
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One Response to Bringing Rain To California | Joe Eigo

  1. Steve Hadfield says:

    I personally believe that HAARP & Chemtrails are the culprit. It’s just another one of the GOVERMENTS effort to play GOD which of course WILL backfire down the road in the near future! Chemtrails started to be “tinkered with” after WWII to create drought in (what I personally believe) is also yet another way to control water & food supplies to eventually be able to use as an excuse to make more money in the form of putting both at a premium & reason to “Gouge” via raising the price of the two as the more scarce they become the more money they can make just like every damn thing that’s behind this “well oiled” machine that is the derelict GOVERMENT of ours & their hands are covered with filth from having their hands in SO MANY shady projects. Which is why they created “Black-Opps” as they don’t have to log or document the use of their budget & where/what the money is being spent nor what the massive amount of money is spent on & for what reason it’s being spent on anything which is basically a GIANT umbrella they all work under used as a “cloaking devise” that’s non-traceable to the MAX!!
    Now onto HAARP which is in “no mans land” in Alaska & is an off limits operation involving a CRAP-TON of satilite dishes that are use to stimulate the Earths atmosphere to control & create all kinds of weather patterns, natural disasters to be used as a WEAPON able to reach any particular targeted point encompassing the entire planet as a means to continue to police & fight everybody because that’s what we do like MORONS of dissfunction we have become to master.
    Say we are at or plan on going to war with “Insert name here” now instead of physically sending troops/tanks…yatta yatta. But instead we can just conjure up & strike that targeted area with “let’s say” a MASSIVE Tornado & send it on in to destroy Everything in its path like Tornados do only instead of a long drug out war we can anilihate that whole freaking area in a matter of Seconds or Min’s leaving it totally LEVELED without anybody able to place blame on the USA because “Hey it was a Natural Disaster” that hit you” which leaves the USA not physically there thus blame can’t be placed on us even though they have ZERO IDEA we were behind it & sent it right into their laps.
    Say any one particular country of our choice we can also target creating MAJOR DROUGHT putting that Country weak & in dire limbo. As we all know humans/food all need water in order to survive, sustain, thrive…
    Well we tell that Country that for a fee of “X-AMOUNT” what if we told you we can make it rain & “RESCUE” your people & entire Country. Making us look like a HERO rather than the VILLIAN to said-Country, even though WE created the drought in the first place then extorting them after they are on the brink.

    It makes you wonder about all these places over on the other side of Earth that are getting drilled with this type of crap. Monsoons, Typhoons..yatta yatta. Really isn’t just the USA once again “Tinkering” with it & then all of a sudden those dissasters happen & they are like “DAMN..OOOPPS..WELL THAT WORKED”

    But I digress & once again stop my Rant on this subject as I can go on & on still.


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