STOP Toronto Chemtrail Spraying

There is no more natural weather on Earth.  Take a look at the satellite imagery and you will see reversed jet streams, walls of aerosol over the Pacific Ocean where clouds cannot cross into California, and chembomb explosions over desert areas.  Our weather is being tightly controlled for the military’s goal of “Owning the Weather in 2025” and for bio-tech companies to force their drought resistant, aluminum resistant GMO seeds on farmers who can no longer grow organic food.

It’s time we wake up and understand the lies we are being told by Weather.con and our government agencies who refuse to disclose the aerosol operations and who will not measure air and rain samples for nano particulates.  People are getting sick, forests and crops are dying, the ozone is being shredded, and these operations are the leading cause of global warming, contrary to what we are being told by the UN.  Geoengineering is a major cover-up and it is finally being exposed.

Do your research.  This is not a conspiracy theory.  This is a conspiracy fact, and the sooner we put a stop to geoengineering, the more of a chance of survival the human race stands.


About Joe Eigo

My mission is to awaken humanity, create an enlightened society and heal the world. Aim for Ascension!
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