Lord Sananda – The Event is Near – What Happens After The Event – Golden Age Begins – by Elizabeth Trutwin – ( Repost 12-5-13 ) | Higher Density Blog


Everybody has a Twin Flame and ONLY ONE RIGHT ONE. This is your Twin, created at the same moment you were created, the same in every way except one is male and one is female. It is time for Twin Flame Reunions on Earth as they will put their power together as One to bring Earth all She needs to heal and rebuild. You know when you are with your Twin Flame because there is no unsure feeling. You KNOW. You are always laughing and even conflicts are easy and worked out quickly. As each person does the Inner Work, dropping insecurity, shame, guilt, doubt – returning to Wholeness, then they automatically attract their Twin Flame. It is the final step to becoming Whole and it is required to do the work to have the Twin Flame reunion


About Joe Eigo

My mission is to awaken humanity, create an enlightened society and heal the world. Aim for Ascension!
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