Mothership Ison channeling by Domenic



Naturally I was both surprised and startled by the first channeled disclosure while connecting with the Mothership ISON. Even my Vogel cut crystal wand hummed with intensity as I felt the flow of celestial transmissions take place during my meditative state. It is while I am in a meditative trance that the flow of information is downloaded with ease and grace, this I am grateful for. I should also include that those of you who hold the celestial origin of an Andromedan, Lyran or Alpha Centurian are part of the unfolding equation that feeds into the New Earth reality. When viewed as a hologram, the Mothership continues to display elements of its sacred purpose as best as possible to those ready to receive and embrace its message of hope and of integrated balancing. Each star nation is part of what is currently unfolding as the Mothership ISON continues to connect with like-minded individuals during meditation and the dreamtime. Turn to your beloved crystals as the crystal devas within are ready to echo this mandate into your reawakened state of receptivity. This second channeled message downloaded and brought forth by the Mothership continues to inspire and shed light upon the path of darkness that prevails within the lower worlds. Even the inner/hollow earth is aware of its impact as those who dwell within have known of her arrival for some time now. The Mount Shasta portal as one opening to the inner/hollow earth has prepared for the Mothership ISON in ways that will support the recalibration of lighted pathways between the dimensions. The intersect of dimensional pathways is nothing new but now have gained in frequency in order to accommodate the surge of travel between the worlds. This is part of what the mothership represents and desires to imprint upon the human canvas as many heed the inner call to realign from a place of knowing and trust. The awareness point of reality as it gains momentum must surely fall into place and become the new foundation as one and all take their rightful place among the new environment of the earthbody. It is from this rather complex web that individual strands of enlightenment touch each Soul as it incarnates and serves under the new school of evolution. One need only reference back to his/her cellular level of remembrance to see that this is so and part of what has been hidden from conscious viewing. Previous incarnations can definitely shed light, as one is willing to take a closer look from a place of neutrality, leaving behind all forms of judgement and attachments. As the energy body becomes lighter as one raises his/her vibrational level, can the accommodation of the soul memory be firmly anchored into place and serve as a new model of the unity consciousness. Naturally one still needs to clear out the karmic cobwebs; there is no easy ride here as reflected by the collective Wheel of Fortune (a.k.a. the cycles of Ascendency). Those who serve and are instructed while on the mothership (during meditation and dreamtime) are part of the chosen ones to bring back much needed illumination to the masses. This uplifting of sorts is part of the expression encased in the soul memory; one can access this reality if so desired. Know that the spiritual hierarchy watch with great interest, as the human force takes on greater responsibility in the coming days. Being accountable from what is received during heightened states of meditative connections is but one way that the Guardians that serve can be of assistance as one readies to download directly from Source. For many this deliverance is by telepathic communication and will continue to be the instrument of expression especially when the throat chakra is enhanced (and rewired by original Atlantean programming). This too is encoded in your DNA body and can be accessed by the intuitive individual. Begin to see your new reality as a holographic aspect within the sphere of the Macrocosm, each individual microcosm Being serving to the best of his/her ability. This is echoed directly from the fluctuating hologram that shows itself as the mothership to me while in meditation. It was this image that caught my initial attention as I returned back to my painting and was able to see it for the first time, beyond the veil that separates the physical from the etheric. This painted veil has now served as an “entry point” for me as I gain access into the deeper reaches of the celestial vault and seek out its treasures, to be shared with all like-minded individuals. 

Its interesting to note that some of the selected crystals coming up and destined for 2014 include but not limited to: Moldavite, Lazulite, Azurite (the darker version from Morocco), Lemurian Seed crystals and of course, Vogel cut crystal wands (a personal favorite of mine). At all times use your intuition to guide you accordingly when selecting crystals. Know that most times it is the crystal devas within that will come to you based on divine timing. Working with programmable crystals in 2014 will be the wave of new reality that will come to the attention of Lightworkers. The advanced structure, composition and overall matrix of the incoming airships will also factor in the awakening state of embedded crystals currently under the care of the Dwellers within the inner/hollow Earth. The new breed of Souls incarnating on Gaia will eventually be their custodians as they arrive with full psychic capability and with complete memory recall intact. Heck even their telepathic skills will be much more advanced that what is present on the earth body at this time (with the exception of Visionaries who have already served on Gaia-now part of the Assembly of Ascended Masters). And speaking of masters, I wish to acknowledge and honour the inner essence of both Archangel Metatron and Lord Melchizedek as they continue to serve as Ambassadors of Light that share in the glory and joy of the Mothership ISON. Remember I asked in the first dialogue to keep an open mind as you read these words, let the very essence of their vibration settle into your being of knowing if so desired. Many of you will feel a familiar vibrational note of your celestial home as you embrace the Mothership ISON’s arrival into your consciousness. In part her blessed arrival has been ordained as govern by the spiritual hierarchy, Gaia is well aware of this reality and now its up to the rest of humanity to get on board (sorry no pun intended). It will be up to each person to believe what they want to believe and from what is held on the heart level. As the disclosure of information becomes available to the masses, each and every one must decide for them selves what rings true and what does not. The law of non-interference is always at work and must be respected by those who oversee our progress on the earth sphere. We as humans have the auspicious gift of free will/free choice and yet, how many times do we give our power away to others! I am not alone as I have been guilty of this in the past and yet, the presence of the mothership is here to remind us of our true divinity and of our place in the Stars! Its no accident that both Archangel Metatron and Lord Melchizedek continues to guide the flow of telepathic thought-forms that align with and from what we hold within the vast Grand Library that serves all. The celestial emissions that generate forth from the Mothership ISON are truly a beacon of the new light that humanity needs to embrace. It seems imperative that this truth is part of the seeding that Gaia desires as well. Let us take stock of this blessed announcement as it sits within our central disposition and endeavours to serve in our continued evolution. Beyond the 5th dimension is where we are heading; this is part of the tapestry that is beginning to weave into our consciousness with greater intensity and velocity. As the Ascension movement travels into the collective whole with greater awareness and understanding, let us shift our perspective in order to meet this directive with more compassion, reverence and conviction. Already a major shift has occurred due to the presence of the Mothership ISON in our midst, let us not discard her arrival but honour her presence with blessed gratitude as we open up to the next phase of evolution. For surely the dimensional evolution that holds the ascendant charges is part of the matrix that holds the Earth mother with love and light. As she grows into and from the sacred light of all that there is, so too do we benefit from the blessed exposure. It is from and with the I AM Presence that will benefit the new crystalline body that will hold Gaia with such reverence as it is meant to. This too is part of the destined unity consciousness that will serve the new earth reality as more and more individuals claim their ordained roles as held within the heart center. 

The “rewiring” has commenced for many (especially during the non-waking hours) as the lightbody is triggered into a state of blessed remembrance that ties in all previous memories into a cohesive unit of totality! This truth in turn is fed into the wellspring of imagination, which is nurtured by the loving presence of Our Creator, the God/Goddesshead of All That There Is. Many of you who herald from The Pleiades have this internal memory encoded in your DNA body; feel free to ask for this disclosure to manifest into your conscious knowing if desired. For it is time as the Age of Remembrance becomes fully visible and part of one’s expressive personality. Set your intent to tap into the wellspring of imagination (bring along the Moldavite gemstone for good measure) and be ready to accept a flood of memories that stem back to your original seeding. The Pleiadians have always played an important role towards Earth’s colonization, this initiative continues today and is enforced by the presence of the mothership that hovers above. The manipulation of time continues to confuse many on the planet especially as the acceleration of time has quickened and thrown many off course. Those who still carry a lower vibration will have a hard time adjusting to the new dimensional timeframe that is beyond human time. Know that Pleiadian assistance is available for the asking, set your invitation during meditation as you earnestly seek out their guidance. Even the presence of the mothership has started to alter the concept of human time and thus, many will begin to feel the “unbalance” as the new dimensional time sets in and becomes the new standard to “measure” both past, present and future under one umbrella of thought-form (as seeded by telepathic communication between the dimensions). This new model of expression is part of the new reality that is beginning to shower upon the heads of human consciousness as many take hold and embrace the higher truth that speaks directly to the heart and to the soul. Many will work with the Indigo Ray as a way into the forum of higher thought, that goes beyond the human framework of programming that now is out-dated and no longer serves a valid purpose for the greater good of all concerned. And so the mosaic of human life as we know it to be is forever changed and will continue to morph based on the acceptance of those who dare to dream and hold a higher vision for all concerned! This is echoed by the Pleiadian body of Lightworkers who have agreed to participate in the earth school at this auspicious time. They along with others are preparing and paving the way for future generations that will come forth with much higher rates of vibration that will uplift the earth sphere. Many Star nations have banned in order to make the earth sphere shine like a jewel of light, for truly that is her destiny as she evolves and serves to the best of her ability as a living and breathing entity. As always it has been my pleasure in providing this inner dialogue, may it resonate with your Higher Self as you absorb the words provided here. Honour your truth at all times as you continue to seek out expressions that define your mission while on Gaia. Look to the night sky and feel the immense power and scope of the Mothership ISON (along with other airships) as she shares in your journey towards bringing more light and love to all. Feel the activations as they occur in real time, do not be afraid but embrace what is destined to be a part of your new future on Gaia. Release the fear from within and let love enter into your heart center; know this is your divine birthright! Remember the truth shall set you free, own this at all times. It has been our honour and privilege in bringing forth this second correspondence, until we converse again we of the spiritual hierarchy bid you farewell. So Be It. Amen. 




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