The return of the mothership Ison!!!


The following is but a brief look at a most blessed event as it continues to stir up the imagination and allow for soulful remembrance to take shape into conscious knowing. The following channeled piece now desires to manifest and be shared with like-minded individuals. Please excuse for any grammatical errors that might be present in this body of work as with any channeled piece, its important to leave the data as received in order to honour its delivered integrity. At all times use your intuitive discernment when reading all channeled material. Many have been “activated” by the presence of the mothership that has recently graced the mantle of the collective whole. I merely bring an aspect of dimensional reality as downloaded and then decoded into a semblance of the English language, which has its limitations. And yet I endeavour to bring forth this dialogue as a way to open up further discussion with those of you who are receptive to the following words listed below. I merely present a morsel of truth as held within the Ethers and as presented to me by my Higher Self. I call on my I AM Presence to connect with your I AM Presence so that a greater rapport of love can flow through and heal the unclaimed parts of our souls. I am grateful for the assistance provided by Archangel Metatron and by Lord Melchizedek; both were instrumental in bringing forth the mystery schools linked to Atlantis.

The Mothership ISON comet was an event that was and is still shroud in mystery. For many this celestial journey to the Sun was not registered as anything more than a blip on the radar. And yet for the reawakened Ones, this cosmic event has and will play an important role as humanity gains a better understanding the Ascension movement. Already seen as a harbinger of things to come in order to uplift consciousness, the mothership ISON as seen from a Pleiadian perspective can and will serve many purposes. My perspective desires to align with and from a semblance of dimensional reality that desires to shed light on this blessed event. Earmarked by the ongoing Pleiadian involvement towards humanity’s progression towards Ascension, the mothership ISON illuminates the embedded seed of remembrance in those who are beginning to take ownership of their full potential as truly Awakened Souls on Gaia. My intuitive insight is generated by a series of meditations (accompanied by my Vogel cut crystal wand) and from a past painting (2010) that clearly shows my rendering of the mothership. Naturally my painted rendering is but my own but nevertheless, one that I wish to share with my readers as it has brought me to this inner dialogue. Even its sacred geometric shape was part of the unveiling of my so-called forgotten memory linked back to The Pleiades. The painting itself had become a process of initiation for me, unfortunately at the time of its rendering I was not fully cognitive of this directive. But over time, its “alarming” aesthetics started to work its magic on my sensibilities as I became comfortable by its external and internal presentation. Fast forward to the Mothership ISON and its no wonder that now I am able to connect the dots and begin to grasp the significance of what has occurred. At times it has taken awhile for me to “get it” and jump on board, I thank the Guardians for their patience. And yes they have a sense of humour and amazement as they serve as part of the spiritual hierarchy that oversees our growth and development on Gaia.

The path towards awakening the consciousness of humanity and that of the planet begins with each individual as he/she sees fit to embody. It is within the seeded truth that one must find his/her own kernel of “source creation” based on the level of remembrance garnered by the Awakened One. For many it will be from meditating and/or the dreamtime that an inkling of the higher dimension of truth manifests through and begins to take root with the core foundation of each individual. Already we are seeing massive shifts of change as many are coming into their own and claiming their divine birthright. From this act of empowerment, one begins to see in a new light as reality opens up and floods the senses. Both inner and outer senses come alive as one aligns from what had been dormant until now, this portal opening is part of the arrival brought forth by the mothership ISON. Please note, this mothership is not the only vehicle to traverse the cosmic sky as the path of intergalactic activity is scattered throughout the galaxy and solar system. In fact many of you know that the cosmic sky is littered with much activity and has been since the ancient of times. The “blind eye” of acceptance cannot be tolerated any longer, many have already seen beyond the smoke screen of denial and ignorance. Shedding light on what has been obscured until now, is the wave of enlightenment that surely must reach the masses; this too is part of the new paradigm known as the Ascension movement on Gaia. Liberation from darkness (fear) is now upon the human tide of consciousness, there is no turning back. Those that wish to remain and wallow in lower vibrations of expression cannot and will not be supported by the New Earth as she takes on the higher dimensional frequencies. Even the Christ consciousness grid that surrounds the earth body cannot sustain the lower frequency charges of humanity; already this is evident in our world today. The filtering of Light Quotas will continue to target those who dare to step into and own their full seeded potential as guardians of the New Earth. It is this mission statement that is echoed beyond the earth sphere as many watch from afar with bated breath as to how humanity deals with the new realities. Please keep in mind there is much assistance, protection and love available and offered to all who call upon with sincere and earnest intent. Placing your petition to the spiritual hierarchy during meditation and/or dreamtime (even programmed into various crystal instruments) becomes your invitation for dialoguing and downloading to take place. You are only limited by your imagination; think outside the box and beyond your comfort zone. For truly your comfort zone will be shaken by upcoming events that will be revealed in your world in the near future. Remember to not get attach to the underlying current of chaos as it desires to create a false sense of hope. Instead listen to your inner voice and what your heart desires for you, be still, listen and trust. Anxious moments of uncertainty will continue to plague the unsuspecting ones, you know better and thus you have a responsibility to carry out your earthbound mission to the best of your ability. This is echoed as part of the “mandate” downloaded by the etheric presence of the Mothership ISON to all who resonate from a place of trust and inner knowing. As a Child of Light, the time is at hand as the clock is ticking and the implementation of a new agenda must befall upon the dimensionality reality that will shape Gaia as the new earth Mother.

Back to my illuminated painting, my mothership contains a rich hue known as the Indigo Ray and make no mistake this was orchestrated by the unseen forces during my painting sessions. Resonating with the third-eye chakra center, the Indigo hue can assist with the reawakening of clairvoyant abilities in one (most dominant during ancient Atlantis). Initially this painting startled me as it morphed into physical existence, as it desired to reawaken memories embedded in my cellular memory. Now I look at this painting with gratitude and with reverence as it continues to serve in bringing forth lessons that desire my conscious attention. And so when I first heard/read about the Mothership ISON, I felt an instant connection and started to see the bigger picture as it unfolded via my mind’s eye. My Pleiadian perspective continues to embrace this blessed event, as more of its purpose will be downloaded directly to Lightworkers during meditation and dreamtime. I also feel that specific crystals in 2014 will announce their intent to assist with the unveiling of information (Light Codes pertaining to the DNA strands is but one reveal slated for humanity) pertaining to this mothership of Light. Already some of you have been guided by the new crystal arrivals that will assist with and from the anchoring of the vast downloads (see it as a Library of sorts) that the mothership holds within her vessel. Making an etheric connection with the mothership is also possible and encouraged during meditation and the dreamtime. Intuitive Souls will have an easier time making this connection but all are invited to participate if so inclined. Visualizing the MerKaBah transport (lightbody vehicle) during meditation can ensure a greater connection with Source as alignment is confirmed between the physical and etheric bodies. Already continued stimulation of the third-eye, crown and soul star chakra centers has become the norm for many Lightworkers on the planet. This too is part of the ascension process as one becomes accountable for soul-to-body fulfillments that align with one’s divine mission. The obligation of karmic releasing and healing is also front and center as many now realize the importance of “instant clearing” that needs to be part of one’s existence in order to evolve with and from the cycle of ascendency.

It appears that the lessons from our ancient past are part of the grand galactic library that is housed on the mothership; know that other airships carry ample resources of knowledge within. Those of you that are of Sirian, Orion or Arcturian origins can access this information, albeit on other airships that resonate with and from your celestial home base. As the epoch of the new paradigm takes shape, the revealing of information can and will come forth in order to support the New Earth as the new reality of expression. Many will begin to be “called” back to their constellations (during meditation and non-waking hours) as the portal of and to higher consciousness is settled into the collective body of humanity (this is seen as unity-consciousness).

-channelled and created by Domenic Rotolo


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My mission is to awaken humanity, create an enlightened society and heal the world. Aim for Ascension!
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